QA Maturity

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Being a top-ranked mobile application testing company in Malaysia, we believe that the objective of TPA is to identify the high-priority areas for improvement and recommend a step-by-step plan for making those improvements. The focus of Test Process Assessment is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process as a whole to meet the client’s requirements and priorities.

In the contemporary business scenario, many organizations do not have well-defined processes or diligence in their testing process. Most of the time they fail to create a common binding set of processes, without which software quality becomes a variable factor dependent upon vagaries of people & management. The biggest challenge is then to match their testing capabilities with the expected quality standards.

Our TPA services and methodology is a systematic and structured approach to evaluate your current testing processes, practices, and maturity level. We identify gaps, propose plug-ins and steps to raise the organization to its next maturity level. We do not believe in a ‘One solution fits all approach. We guide you towards a structured test process keeping in mind your organization’s culture, maturity, and activities. Our experienced professionals will develop a comprehensive improvement plan, clearly identifying the precise steps, best practices, and methodologies that can be leveraged in optimizing your organization’s development and business processes. We review your current test processes against the industry’s best practices and best-of-breed automation tools. Our approach involves studying your existing processes/ methodologies, identifying gaps, and providing recommendations to fill in these gaps. This highlights the areas for improvement and also the current strengths of the organization.

Our TPA methodology is compatible with industry-standard models for testing quality. Our TPA framework assesses the maturity of your testing process in twelve key areas. The result is a comprehensive gap analysis of your testing systems and processes with improvement suggestions.