In most banks and lending institutions, retail lending services is moving from a largely intuitive process to an increasingly automated and model driven one. Organizations look for more user friendly and high responsive lending systems to cater for their retail services to burgeoning demands and customer needs.

Also, adherence to more stringent and continuously evolving regulations is of critical importance for financial institutions. Especially in corporate lending service, these lending systems handle large quantity of high-value financial data; hence they require a robust test management regime while implementing or upgrading the application for validating business processes, ensure data accuracy and thereby launch error free products ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

With our team of experienced Business Analysts and Testing professionals we can help to build complete requirements and test approach from early stage to better respond to changing regulations and industry trends. Our experience and knowledge of many market-leading lending products will assure test coverage of all possible end to end business scenarios that can be used across the following modules of different product series.  

Besides our repository of test cases, we can expedite efforts to meet delivery timeline with our familiarity and experience of all market-leading test automation tools. Our strong Performance and Security expertise can help our customers with definite quality and cost advantage.

Our Key Differentiators

Key Benefits include: