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Its all about the people!

We recognize that hiring the best and the brightest is a part of what makes us a successful organization. Our philosophy is to provide an enabling environment to help aspiring individuals to realize their true potential and worth.

If you’re looking for a flat organization, a firm with a personal atmosphere, the flexibility to take on different roles, and an opportunity to help define and build the a global, hi-tech organization, Hastraa just might be for you.

We expect our consultants to provide our clients with excellent service and value that exceeds expectations, and we strive to make it possible for you to accomplish this. We work as a team, helping and supporting each other. We communicate openly and often. We encourage new ideas and creative thinking. We empower you to act independently and to think freely. And finally, we reward and recognize you for your valuable contributions.

We welcome applications from committed & enthusiastic testing professionals at all levels of experience, even when we are not actively recruiting. Mail us your profile and area of interest at