Reducing time & risks to implement Silverlake Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS)

Core banking solutions are particularly critical to banks as they are required to handle high volume of customer transactions located in multiple geographies in an instant manner. Customers like to access their accounts and perform desired transactions through multiple channels like the branch, ATM, call centers, mobile and web. All these channels involve diverse range of technologies, platforms and solutions and require interfacing with Core Banking Solution. This dramatically escalates the complexity of testing the application landscape and consequent risks to business as a result of any downtime or inaccurate data or unduly slow response to service requests.

Testing is extremely critical to assure the quality, integrity and performance of the entire eco-system. Designing a testing strategy to address the complexity and diversity of the eco-system is a daunting challenge in the best of times. Not knowing SIBS exponentially raises the challenge quotient.

Nobody understands SIBS as much as we do. Our credentials with leading financial institutions who have implemented SIBS Core Banking will vouch for this. We understand the impact of quality (or lack of it) for your reputation. We understand everyday challenges in testing of SIBS and that is where our prior experiences, methodology & SIBS test repository will be handy in accelerating testing process, reduce time to understand requirements, design & develop test cases in double quick time, and deliver superior results.   

Key Benefits include:

Customers benefits a lot by involving us early in the lifecycle of testing activities. Our expertise & challenges encountered in different environments can be helpful in strategizing, planning, and execution of testing activities.

SIBS Credentials

We have experience of testing full suite of SIBS. They include the following: