Test Data Management

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Performing testing in adhoc, slow and unstable test environments leads to inaccurate testing results of lower quality, extended test cycles, higher defects rate, and longer production cycles. A controlled and well-managed test environment helps in improved testing quality and faster time-to-market.

Availability of good quality as-close-as-real test data is critical to ensure all possible business flows are validated and verified. The absence of quality test data in the test environments will result in poor testing, jeopardizing the time, effort, and cost. Managing quality test data is often a highly challenging task due to increasing test data volumes, limited availability of data, diverse data types, infrastructure complexity, data sensitivity, etc.,

Hence, the Test Environment and Test Data Management have become vital for coping with increasingly complex and demanding testing requirements. Hastraa, brings its extensive expert team, for providing an end-to-end Test Environment and Test Data Management Services thereby ensuring a high degree of test coverage with test data of right quality, accuracy, quantity, and at right time for testing in a stable test environment.

Our solid Test Environment and Test Data Management Strategy helps to address the below aspects:

  • Use best practices to optimize the test environments and data management
  • Setup, Forecast, allocate, automate with continuous improvements for all environment and data requests
  • Effective planning to avoid delays
  • Using comprehensive environment and data management tools to address the needs
  • Reduce cost through virtualization
  • Generating required quality Test Data load on the system during non-functional testing
  • Protect Data Sensitivity

Our Key Differentiators

  • An expert team that reduces knowledge transfer risk and timeline
  • A unique strategy that leverages investment and increase test coverage
  • Strong Test Environment and Test Data Management capabilities
  • Test automation capabilities & On-demand trained resources to meet stringent project timelines
  • Impartial and independent perspective
  • Optimization of project costs due to timely deployment of required resources

Key Benefits include:

  • Implement best strategy and tools to improve the quality and fasten the test cycles
  • In-depth identification of test environment and test data requirement right at start of testing
  • Better co-ordination among stakeholders and enhanced testing quality
  • Process optimization to facilitate operational excellence
  • Eliminate overheads in test environment and test data management
  • Enhanced Test Coverage of accurate results
  • Automated processes results in quicker setup, reducing the test time
  • Risk mitigation through reduced data exposure
  • Dedicated expert team to manage and accommodate every test environment and test data requirement
  • Compliance with regulatory requirement & guidelines such as Basel, SOX, SEPA etc.,
  • Effective resource management to optimize effort and cost