Digital Banking Testing Service Provider in Malaysia

In the growing digital business environment, Security is of paramount importance to organizations especially dealing with digital, web, and mobile applications. The ever changing business and IT risks, has made Security testing an essential need for all financial service industries to validate security requirements and uncover vulnerabilities in an application (web / mobile/thick client/web services) and its associated components.

As an experienced mobile application testing company in UAE, and abroad, we believe that security testing is a process to determine that an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended. The six basic security concepts that need to be covered by security testing are; confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability, and non-repudiation.

Security Testing is a process to proactively identify and remove vulnerabilities and flaws in the software before it is deployed for live use. It promises to improve IT risk management by protecting data and assuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability, and non-repudiation of information. Security testing is extremely critical to financial services but yet can be problematic and challenging for many.

Some of the challenges faced are:

  • Security testing requirements are not that frequent and hence, the cost of establishing internal test lab and capabilities can be simply too costly, unaffordable and yet not meet all of its needs
  • Lack in the knowledge on applicable threats and vulnerabilities
  • Inadequate availability of accredited and certified testing professionals with ethical hacking skills
  • Lack of security standards and guidelines to compliance

This is where specialized security testing service providers in Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. like us play a useful role in meeting diverse needs at an affordable price point. At Hastraa, our credentials are built not only on our ability to deliver quality applications but most importantly, secure. Our STA service offering includes Software Security Testing & Assurance (SSTA) and Infrastructure Security Testing & Assurance (ISTA).

Our Software Security Testing & Assurance (SSTA) is the process of ensuring that software is designed to operate at a level of security that is consistent with the potential harm that could result from the loss, inaccuracy, alteration, unavailability, or misuse of the data and resources that it uses, controls, and protects.

Our Software Security Testing & Assurance (SSTA) services includes

  • Security testing – Our standard software security testing, includes penetration testing, confirms the results of design and code analysis, investigates software behavior, and verifies that the software complies with security requirements. Our special software security testing includes a security test plan and procedures that establishes the compliance of the software with the specific security requirements such as local regulatory guidelines and industry-specific standards (SOX, PCI-DSS, NERC CIP). In either case, our security testing will be focused on locating software weaknesses and identifying extreme or unexpected situations that could cause the software to fail in ways that would cause a violation of security requirements.
  • Security architecture/design analysis – Our Security architecture/design analysis will verify that the software design correctly implements security requirements by focusing on logic analysis, data analysis, interface analysis, constraint analysis.
  • Secure code reviews, inspections, and walkthroughs – Our Secure Code reviews are conducted during and at the end of the development phase to determine whether established security requirements, security design concepts, and security-related specifications have been satisfied. Such review will be most effective when conducted by personnel who have not been directly involved in the development of the software being reviewed. Our security assurance services (SSTA) team can assist clients across a wide range of industry verticals in determining the compliance level of the technical security controls with applicable regulations, legislative and standard requirements such as PCI DSS, UK DPA, HIPAA and ISO 27001, OWASP and other best industry practices.

Our Infrastructure Security Testing & Assurance (ISTA) includes

  • Testing the Infrastructure Security Controls and Processes – This will include but is not limited to OS hardening, vulnerability scanning, Network scanning, Firewall rule testing, denial of service tests penetration testing, ethical hacking, and many more
  • Post implementation Infrastructure changes testing – • Testing for compliance with infrastructure security standards, policies, security best practices, and perceived risk to the company
  • Third Party Risk control testing – Perform IS controls testing of vendors and outsourced service providers for compliance
  • Conducting Awareness Programs
  • Identity & Access Management architecture review/design – This will include but is not limited to OS hardening, vulnerability scanning, Network scanning, Firewall rule testing, denial of service tests penetration testing, ethical hacking, and many more
  • Identity & Access Management control testing – Single-Sign-On, ESSO, Federation, Risk-based authentication, Multi-factor authentication, and Entitlement testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan / Business Continuity plan review & testing assistance

Our Key Differentiators :

  • Voluminous lines of code tested for vulnerabilities in short test cycles
  • Testing performed by certified professionals
  • Impartial and independent perspective
  • Optimization of project costs due to timely deployment of required resources

Key Benefits include :

  • Decreased time-to-market through optimized test cycle times
  • Higher confidence in software & system performance
  • Objective criteria for acceptance signoff
  • Reduced maintenance cost