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Hastraa is a leading Banking software testing service company in Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. specializing in all types of testing (Functional, Non-Functional, Automation, and Regression tests) and with a core focus on BFSI & telecom markets. With several years of software testing and test management experience and credentials, Hastraa has become the preferred testing partner for many customers in the financial services and telecom segments.

With many years of multiple field engagements in matured markets to draw upon, Hastraa’s Independent Validation & Testing Solutions & Services are designed to enable organizations to achieve critical application quality threshold while doing so at minimal cost, time & future maintenance.

Hastraa is a trusted partner for our customer’s digital initiatives, as we leverage our comprehensive competencies in various digital, mobile, web applications testing domains and our core commitment to achieve their digital goals.

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Banking software testing service company


Shift Left Testing

Shift Left Testing Teams that continuously test their code against integrated components can have better outcomes in reducing risk, as they are better able to find and fix potentially disruptive defects earlier in the lifecycle. Software is not delivered on

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Digital Banking Testing Service Provider in Malaysia

Challenges in information Security Compliance

Due to the increased reliance on information technology (IT) and digital content, the value of information assets have increased significantly. Organizations depend mainly on IT to provide standard operating environment for conducting business activities. As a result, controlling risks to

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Banking software testing service company in UAE

BATM Methodology

Requirements Management is a relatively mature discipline with many well-known methods and techniques for identifying, gathering, analysing, specifying, managing, verifying, and validating a system’s requirements. But if that is so, why are there still so many defects in requirements specifications?

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Digital Banking Testing Service Provider

Digital Banking

Digital technology has evidently taken over our lives, both personal and professional – smartphones, tablets, eBooks, digital newspapers, digital storefronts, and digital ecosystems in our living rooms, digital notes, mobile commerce, digital media libraries, digital payments and even digital supply

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Today Banking isn’t based on mobile or desktop or apps. Now a days bank has become Multichannel. Almost 80% of users interact with their bank

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Banking software testing service company in UAE

Cards & Payments

Banking has become Multichannel. Even Card Payments has also become the same. From goods to purchase of metal coins , from bank accounts to e-wallets

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mobile application testing company in Malaysia


Insurance marketplace is witnessing rapid changes due to introduction of newer and more innovative products and at a much faster pace than usual. Organizations are

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application testing service provider

Case Studies

Success Stories of how we support our client organizations to solve their testing problems with our simplified solutions and achieve business results.

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application testing service provider in UAE

White Papers

Thought Provoking Articles with the intent to share our extensive experience and knowledge.

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application testing service provider

Application Testing

Application testing is one of the most critical part and essential for positive user experience. We offer Application testing services to our clients that enhance

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test management and automation services company

Management Services

In today’s world, any organization management services plays a key role in improving the performance of the organization. Initially first understand the problems and develop

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Business Analysis

Most software failures invariably originate in the requirements phase. This is because the process of requirements assurance comprising of gathering, change management & validation are

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Technology Transformation

Technology Transformation helps the team to work with inspiration and help in improving the product or services. It gives way for new ideas. It empowers

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Test Advisory

Testing Advisory Services ensures high performance of your software. Here we provide a roadmap which acts as a guide to our clients and gives way

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mobile application testing company in UAE

Specialized Solution Testing

Reducing time & risks to implement Silverlake Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) Core banking solutions are particularly critical to banks as they are required to handle

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“We have engaged Hastraa to conduct E2E testing of our Core Life Implementation. We selected Hastraa in view of their robust methodology and in-depth knowledge of the automation tools. They are also able to provide 100% onsite testing resources”
Core Life Implementation, A Leading Insurance Company in KL, MalaysiaProject Director
“We engaged Hastraa to assist us in the formalization and application of best practices for our entire testing life cycle leveraging on full suite of automation tools. They were able to demonstrate their technical competency and commitment to go the extra mile to meet our deadlines and expectations.”
A Leading Local Bank in KL, MalaysiaIT Head – Group Applications
“Hastraa supported us with performance testing for our core Reinsurance product. The key things that stood out was their flexibility in a collaborative project spanning 3 time zones involving multiple stakeholders. The core team from Hastraa brought a very good technical team with skilled performance testing capability to the table enabling us to evidence current challenges and the remedial path.”
A Leading Global Reinsurance Company, SingaporeDirector IT