Banking and Financial institutions face below multiple challenges in testing their payment systems due to growing complexity, rush to go live in the shortest possible time frame or look to conserve budgets.

  • Unavailability or Down time of the Physical / Host Systems during Testing Phases
  • Difficulty in executing complex scenarios in Test Environment
  • Increase in the Manual Testing Cost due to repetitive cycles , efforts , environments
  • Dependency with issuer and acquirer banks to test specific scenarios
  • Long waiting que and list of banks participating on daily test is not visible before we start the testing ( MEPS/MYCLEAR/Certification)
  • Acquirer or Issuer Banks do not have all bank physical cards to test
  • Load /Performance test for a Banking Payments system that receive lot of transactions from ATM machines
  • Simulating hundreds and thousands of ATM /POS Terminals and Transactions

Our Solution

I-Simulator addresses above challenges and helps to simulate and test all elements of the underlying payments infrastructure including ATM, POS and network interfaces to ensure payments systems are reliable and error-free. It also supports the Performance Testing Load Generation for ATM/POS/CDM/SWITCH Transactions that are connected with ISO Messaging Structures. I-Simulator is capable to simulate a host application to allow a financial device (ATM/ POS) to be field tested without a host connection. Tool supports various payments with little customization. 

i-Simulator tool is capable of performing below:

  • Unit Testing,Regression Testing, Performance / Load /Stress Testing
  • Functional Simulations of the ATM /POS Transactions
  • Certification Testing: Visa, Master,MEPS, Myclear
  • Acquirer / Issuer Simulator
  • End-To-End Simulation and Testing for Payment Systems
  • Off-the –Shelf Test Packs for Networks , POS and ATM
  • Fraud Simulator
  • Simulates financial network interfaces (Visa net / MasterCard bank net, American Express, etc.)
  • Support stress testing of applications with multi-threaded acquirer and issuer tests
  • Key Management – Provides built in financial encryption functionality ( DES , 3 DES)
  • Enables test data to be built in Familiar desktop production like Excel etc.,
  • Flexible to customize with Test Management Tools like HP Quality Center Integration
  • Simulator is flexible to support, Retail Payments, E-commerce Payments, Bill Pay, Immediate Payments, Transaction Banking, Merchant Payments, etc
  • Specific scenarios like timeout , invalid ARQC, Format error etc., can be simulated using the tool

Key Benefits include:

  • Reduce the cost of Down Time ( Stub / Simulator for key systems )
  • Tests and simulates transactions before systems are in production
  • Reduce Development Unit Testing & Development Cost
  • Reduced development life-cycle costs through integrated testing
  • Faster Implementations
  • Facilitates automation to significantly reduce the time of new implementations
  • Upgrades & System enhancements testing made easy
  • Test Packs provide test scripts and simulations for a wide variety of situations reducing the time it takes to start testing
  • Reduces Testing Costs & Supports Global operations / implementations
  • Tool can be executed and installed in a distributed environments to minimize the physical locational involvements
  • Supports PMPC , MCCS Cards , Certification Testing related Transactions from Acquirer host Connecting to Myclear , Transaction from Myclear to Issuer Host