Business Analysis

Most software failures invariably originate in the requirements phase. This is because the process of requirements assurance comprising of gathering, change management & validation are not done with a degree of diligence imposed by the criticality of the task to product quality. This has cascading quality impact on subsequent life cycle phases affecting final project/product quality.

The optimal Business Process Assurance process is defined with the strategic placement of requirement analysis and unambiguous elicitation. The best way to minimize or avoid failure is by analyzing the pragmatic effort required combined with the deployment of skilled BA resources in a seamless delivery model ensuring a smooth transition to multiple phases of the technology adoption life cycle.


Our BA framework focuses on building quality into requirements by eliminating rework and redundant requirements, achieve faster results with feature prioritization, Change & Risk Management, and Multi-Directional Communication. It benefits the customer by way of standardized BA governance, best practice techniques, improved system quality, clarity & control, and improved team communications.

Our BAs with extensive knowledge and experience across the BFSI domain will assist to gather, model, refine, and validate requirements, scope, prioritize and manage changes, and assess solution deliverables that are synchronized with the desired functionality. They also assist in reviewing QA activities from test strategy to execution results, data conversion, and finally, in documentation and training of users in the new system.