Insurance marketplace is witnessing rapid changes due to introduction of newer and more innovative products and at a much faster pace than usual. Organizations are required to respond in double-quick time to market opportunities, service customers efficiently and effectively, ensure regulatory compliance, while ensuring risks are properly assessed and mitigated.

At Hastraa, Insurance is a core area which helps us to provide full range of services to our clients. Our  team of Insurance BAs and experienced test professionals can help clients to understand and build requirements quickly and completely, manage change, help to identify and plug gaps in business requirements early in the life cycle, to get test strategy right and ensure comprehensive test coverage of all possible business scenarios before deployment. 

The following are some of the challenges faced during Core Insurance Testing

  • Complex business processes and regulatory laws
  • Disparate platforms and applications
  • Lack of experienced resources available for full-time of the project
  • Test Management capabilities
  • Test data management
  • Maintenance of legacy applications

Testing full suite of Insurance products

We have experience of testing full suite of Insurance products. They include the following:

Just as importantly, we are familiar with most test automation tools and have experience of building different types of frameworks across diverse platforms using the tools.  Besides, our repository of test cases can help to optimize test strategy, expedite efforts to meet delivery timeline, thereby empower our customers with a definite quality and cost advantage.

Our Key Differentiators:

  • Availability of generic ready to use Test Repository
  • BA domain expertise that reduces knowledge transfer risk and timeline
  • Unique methodology that leverages investment in BA tasks to identify business scenarios and increase test coverage
  • On-demand trained resources to meet stringent project timelines
  • Optimization of project costs due to timely deployment of required resources

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity through standardized processes and quality through comprehensive testing.
  • Faster time-to-market through optimized test cycle times
  • Shortened test cycles through deployment of repository of ready to use test cases & Early detection and correction of defects
  • Early detection and correction of defects
  • Assurance of guaranteed testing of all system functionalities