Conventional Core Banking

Due to rapidly changing market conditions banks are under constant pressure to increase their business by acquiring new clients and retaining the existing. To do this successfully, banks have started offering value added products and services along with their regular offerings.

In many cases, banks have come to realize that their current technology stack is not ideally suited to address new market opportunities and that their IT systems require major overhaul.Changing Core Banking Solution is no mean task and requires huge investment and management time & efforts. Getting it right first time is absolutely essential to capitalize market opportunities and retain leadership position. 

Some of the tough challenges faced during Core Banking upgrade or implementation include: 

  • Complex, multi-vendor environment
  • Complex business processes and regulatory laws
  • Multitudes of interfaces
  • Disparate platforms and applications
  • Parallelization of implementation and deployments
  • Lack of test governance or non-serious attitude to compliance
  • Inadequate availability of competent BA & testing resources in requisite numbers or non-recognition of criticality of vendor capabilities and prior experience in managing similar environments

Our Solution

With our experience in providing full spectrum of services for market leading Core Banking Solution suites, Hastraa’s team of Banking BAs and experienced test analysts can help customers in getting their testing strategy right, identify and fix the gaps in business requirements very early in the life cycle and thereby reduce reworks and chances of failure. Hastraa will ensure comprehensive test coverage of all possible business scenarios before deployment. We have in-depth knowledge in the following Core Banking retail and corporate modules testing

Our Key Differentiators

  • Availability of Core Banking Repository
  • SME expertise that reduces knowledge transfer risk and timeline
  • Unique methodology that leverages SME capabilities to identify business scenarios and ensure maximum test coverage
  • Test automation capabilities
  • On-demand trained resources to meet stringent project timelines
  • Impartial and independent perspective

Key Benefits include:

  • Better synchronization between requirements and specifications
  • Decreased time-to-market through optimized test cycle
  • Higher confidence in software & system performance
  • Objective criteria for acceptance signoff
  • Guarantee that all system functionalities are tested
  • Reduced maintenance cost