Performance Testing

Case Study

Performance Testing of Internet Banking application for a leading bank in ASEAN.

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Business Situation:

The client is a leading universal banking company in ASEAN. They were in the midst of implementing an Internet Banking (IB) application for Singapore Bank.


  • High CPU sage for Application Server
  • Spike was observed in response time during the OTP submission.
  • Spike was observed in response time during the ETA Fun Transfer Login transactions.
  • Very less transactions are taken more than 3 Sec.

The Solution:

  • Performance testing was conducted on selected transactions and virtual users for Singapore Core Banking Rel 1.1 to verify it meets the performance requirement(s) of the Bank
  • Response time of the internet banking system with key transactions under target load of 250 and 500 concurrent users measured.
  • Identification of any bottlenecks to the internet banking system performance and seek to rectify the bottlenecks where possible to achieve the load of 500 concurrent users.
  • Tools used: HP Performance Center 11, HP ALM 11
  • The below changes recommended to improve the performance in internet banking system
  1. HTTP Server fine tuning
  2. Recommended to upgrade CPU on Application Server
  3. Page Size fine tuning required for the Login transactions on ETA Fun transfer.
  4. Page Size fine tuning required for the OTP submission transactions.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Increased performance of the application with nearly zero performance issue in production.
  • Increased time to market.