Test Review

Test reviews are conducted to evaluate to status of work products and assist team management on decisions regarding next phase of activities.  Typically, it is performed by a qualified external party engaged to monitor and provide conformance to defined test process behavior, provide an independent voice towards continuous process improvement efforts, and communicate findings to stakeholders to take appropriate remedial actions towards process improvement.

Review process exists and is always done across the spectrum of testing activities. But, mostly, these tend to be informal, unstructured, and performed by peers. These reviews are mostly done to provide a sense of security to Project Manager. Research studies support the conclusion that formal reviews greatly outperform informal reviews in cost-effectiveness and achieving business objectives.

Testing Life Cycle

The most obvious value of formal software reviews is that they can identify issues earlier and more cheaply than they would be identified by testing or by field use). The cost to find and fix a defect by an expert review will be several times of magnitude less than when the same defect is found by test execution or during field use.

A more important value is that they can be used to improve development process that would help technical people to identify and remove process inadequacies that encourage defects. This improvement can dramatically reduce errors in downstream activities and reduce time to product high-quality software.

Hastraa can assist organizations in instituting effective test review process. As a specialist testing company, we can deploy competent grade of resources with requisite domain and technical skills to review adherence to governance model & guidelines, recommend remedial measures,  and ensure business objectives are met.