Test Management

Often testing is misconceived as identification of defects and corresponding fixes to the same. This has led to the incremental costs in any project driven engagements as the business processes are not comprehensively analysed and elicited. Hence, it is important to ensure that management of the testing process is closely aligned to business processes and project governance. The key success criteria should be aimed at optimal realization of investment value as well as the achievement of business objective.

The objective of Test management is to strategize and implement best-in-class testing practices throughout the new technology adoption lifecycle to achieve business and technology objectives. The key processes in overall test management process includes managing requirements and changes to scope, developing an optimal test strategy addressing the  constraints in perspective, planning and directing resources appropriately, organizing test assets, and more significantly, defining, measuring and tracking testing activities to achieve project goals.

With our state of art and tailor-made Test Management services, our clients can be sure of the application going live meets the business and quality expectations. The key to effective management lies in understanding goals, constraints, expectations and designing a test management strategy that balances and optimizes all stakeholders’ needs and priorities let it be business units or IT units.

Our Test Management incorporates some of
the Best-in-Class Testing Practices focusing on

  • Leveraging domain skills to identify functional gaps
  • Early identification of defects
  • Synchronized Test Management
  • Automation for Defect Management
  • Robust metrics regime